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Specialists in Testing Diagnostic for the Electrical Power Industry




TCS is an independent laboratory and consulting firm that specializes in diagnostic testing of insulating materials used in high-voltage electrical equipment. Located in Durban South Africa, it was established in 1992 as the first commercial laboratory to offer gas-in-oil and Furanic analysis in South Africa.

TCS provides the electrical industry, worldwide, with reliable analytical services for the quality assessment of dielectric fluids and the early detection of incipient faults in oil-filled electrical equipment. All analysis is performed to INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS AND PROCEDURES, with the result; major production losses and unnecessary oil purification costs are avoided.

An effective predictive maintenance program for transformers makes use of the analysis of dissolved gas for internal condition and physical analysis of the oil for insulation condition.

As dissolved gas analysis is probably the most important test performed by transformer maintenance professionals, all TCS reports contain a diagnostic section where computer diagnosis methods are utilized to diagnose the type and severity of fault occurring in a transformer which facilitates decision making using this sensitive test data.

TCS Has the latest techniques of gas chromatography for the analysis of gasses extracted from transformer oil and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) for the evaluation of the mechanical properties of insulating paper.

TCS has refined its analytical techniques and equipment to offer the highest possible reliability of analytical results. The company has also a reputation for speed and accuracy and puts sample traceability and quality control at the top of its priorities. . Urgent test results are transmitted by phone, fax or e-mail when possible. All test data is backed by a hard copy report sent by mail.

TCS provides computer software for data acquisition, reporting and control of transformer oil data, Which can be sent via E-mail or disk. The reports, DGA diagnosis, graph, trend analysis and summary reports are e-mailed in word format i.e. full integration of Microsoft Office.

TCS provides oil sample tins, labels and sampling instructions. The correct sampling of the transformer is important, as this is the first step of a predictive maintenance program.

Extensive experience indicates that proper transformer maintenance will preserve and prolong the life of the transformer insulation system up to fifty years and beyond.

NOTE: Transformers are an investment item and can only be written off for tax purpose over a number of years, Whereas a predictive maintenance cost is an expense item and can be written off in the year incurred.