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Transformer Chemistry Management System (TCMS)
Developed by TCS and Colin McClure

Product Specification

The Transformer Chemistry Management System (TCMS) is a data acquisition and control system for transformer oil data.
The (TCMS) software manages and interprets dissolved-gas and insulating fluid data for power transformers and other fluid-filled electrical apparatus. 

The system modules include:
Client Management:
Client Data Management:
Transformer Searching/listing:
Data Capturing:
View of captured information:
Cost Benefit Analysis:
Management Reporting:

It prints a variety of reports to support testing and maintenance tasks. Standard format data storage allows easy exchange with other applications. Analysis of Dissolved Gas, liquid and solid insulation use standards and interpretive methods. Trends and rates of change are included in the analysis. A menu of extensive user-configurable graphs is provided for visualising data.
The software can be installed for stand-alone use or for sharing on a network with dynamic linking

Dissolved Gas Analysis
Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) is based on concentrations and generation rates of Hydrogen, methane, ethane, ethylene, acetylene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen.
The International and Industry Standard diagnostic methods used in TCMS: Key gases; CSUS values (Age compensated) BS 5800/IEC 599 ratios; Rogers Ratio’s; Trend (Production rates of gases) Morgan-Schaffer Tables; Total Combustible Gas Production Rates TDCG (c57.104-1991); Total Combustible Gas Westinghouse Guidelines; Age of transformer; History of transformer (Repaired, degasses, etc).

Insulation Quality Analysis
Insulation Fluid analysis is based on Water, Temperature, Dielectric breakdown, Acid number, Interfacial Tension, Oil Quality Index, Colour, Dissipation Factor, Viscosity, Flash Point, Resistivity, Corrosive Sulphur, Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB),Furanic compounds.
Other test are stored in a free-text comment field.

Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)
A module of user configurable CBA for a particular piece of equipment. Analysis of Conformance and Non-Conformance expenditure,
Automatic calculation of costs with and without Predictive Maintenance (PM)

Data Storage
The software version stores data in a Microsoft Access 2000 database file (type. MDB).
There is no inherent limit to the number of equipment items or samples per item that can be stored. Multiple databases can be used, if it is desirable to separate data belonging to different equipment owners of departments

Links to Microsoft Office
The software allows linking to Microsoft Office 2000. Where report or spreadsheet is selected, there is an Office Link button to MS word or MS excel i.e. all the features of Microsoft Excel or Word can be utilized. This is a powerful tool.

Dynamic Linking
The network version (MS Access 2000 installed) includes the capability to automatically re-link tables used within the software (network version). This means the software will not become crippled if backend data is moved from the original installation location.
Thus this capability does not require the user to log a call out for the software, in order to have its tables refreshed to a new location. This is a common problem with many MS Access based database systems.

Visual Media Integration
The TCMS software allows the user to insert Bitmap Images: Power point slides-presentation, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, MIDI sequence, Video clips, Media clips etc into the database to give a complete history of a piece of equipment.

System Requirements
PC with Pentium 200 or higher (Pentium 11 350 or higher)
Microsoft Windows 95 or later (Windows 98 SE)
Microsoft Access 2000
32 MB of RAM (64 MB Ram recommended)
100 MB of Hard disk space (180 MB for Runtime installation)
CD ROM Drive
VGA display with high resolution monitor capable of 1024 x 768
Additional items or services required:
Microsoft Outlook 2000 or Outlook Express 5
Microsoft Excel 2000 (For lab integration)
Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Exchange: Internet SMTP/POP 3, IMAP4 or other MAPI-compliant messaging software required for emailing functions
Software License
The Transformer Chemistry Management System (TCMS) is fully Microsoft compliant
Fixed license allows installation and operation on a single computer for non Microsoft Access 2000 users using a Runtime version.
Fixed licenses for network users to share a copy of TCMS. Microsoft Access 2000 required per computer to use TCMS Software
For further information, contact your Transformer Chemistry Management System